Board of Directors 执委会


SCSL Responsibilities/会内分工

Job Title/所在机构及职务

Hong Cheng  (  )

 President (主席)

Chinese Studies Librarian, UCLA

Guoqing Li  (李国)

Executive Director (執行長)

Chinese and Korean Studies Librarian, Ohio State University

Hsi-chu Bolick (熹珠

Chair of the Committee of General Affairs (總務委員會)

Head of East Asian Collection, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill    

Li Wang (王立)

Chair of the Committee of Scholarly Activities (學術委員會)

Head, East Asian Library, Brown University 

Dongyun Ni (倪冬云)

Chair of the Committee of Information Exchange (信息委員會)

Chinese Studies Librarian, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Stephen Qiao (乔晓)

Chair of the Committee of Professional Activities (專業委員會)

China Studies Librarian, University of Toronto 

Yue Shu (舒悦)

Liaison to the Journal Editorial Board (學刊編輯委員會)

Librarian, Smithsonian Libraries